1. Sofa A sofa with a low back is good-looking, but it takes a lot of neck and waist. The type of sofa depends on your own living habits. A sofa with a short back and a depth of more than 60 cm is suitable for young people who are accustomed to sitting cross-legged and lying on Ge You. If you sit with the elderly, try not to choose it. The sweeping robot is convenient for cleaning. Try to choose wide armrests, and occasionally lie down without hurting your neck.
  2. The glass coffee table belongs to the school of beauty and everyone loves it. In addition to leaving fingerprints every minute, the key is bumpy and noisy. For pragmatism, choose rock slabs, which are good-looking and durable.
  3. I always worry that the dining table is not big enough, but it turns out that the dining table is too large and it is inconvenient to move around. In fact, you have to leave 40 centimeters to walk around after the dining table and chairs are placed, otherwise the restaurant will appear too crowded.
  4. I clearly told the merchant that I want a 1.8-meter bed, but when I got it back, I found that the head of the bed is 2.2 meters. Because of the size of the soft bed, the 1.8-meter bed that merchants often say refers to the size of the mattress that this bed can accommodate. You want to ask about the width of the sides of the headboard, the length from the headboard to the foot of the bed, and the height of the bed frame.
  5. You don’t know how to choose a mattress. When someone else turns over, you will be jolted awake. Therefore, you should choose a mattress with independent springs instead of brushed springs. You can sleep even if the next door is playing disco.

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