Regarding the issue of how to choose a decoration style, I personally feel that it is better to analyze it as little as possible from the subjective point of view of aesthetics, but to analyze it from the visible aspects of cost/use function/quality control/etc. Simply speaking, three suggestions: 1. Simplicity first 2. Openness and changeability 3. Why should simplicity be the first in aesthetic upgrade? 1. The quality of simple things is controllable. Because it is easier to construct and standardized to be mass-produced, the quality is more stable. 2. The cost is more controllable. Ordinary families can choose a simple style with a budget of about 1,000 to 1.51 square meters. In contrast, if you want to do a pure European style, you need at least 5,100 square meters. 3. The chance of being fooled is small. There are many simple-style materials on the market, and the prices are also transparent. 4. Easy to use and easy to take care of. Many European or American styles have exposed stone or wood corners, which can be dangerous if you have children in your home. And most of these stone or wood veneers have no function, they are purely for beauty, and it is very troublesome to clean them.

Simple style helps you save space. Most complex styles require the use of clapboards or stone materials. This approach will make the walls 3-5 cm thick. Taking a 150-square-meter house as an example, a set of complex styles with clapboards will be thicker than The simple style takes up about 1.5 square meters of your usable area,
In fact, the classical style includes English style/American style/European style/French style/Baroque/Rococo/Mediterranean/Spanish/rural style/etc., all evolved from European style. Its core is a sense of ritual (because it evolved from the temple) and decoration. Therefore, there is no need to choose it in the decoration design of ordinary modern homes.
What is open mutable?

This means that a set of decoration styles should not be too exclusive, but must be compatible (because in the future, your family population/family structure/income situation/etc. will change).
The problem is that when you install it, if you want to buy some furniture decorations, you will find that you can’t buy it! ! ! Some mainstream industrialized manufacturers in the market, such as IKEA/MUJI, etc., after you buy them back, you will find that they are incompatible with your home style. This actually deprives you of a great pleasure in the future to a large extent! ! Especially women! ! ! How warm it is to go to the home furnishing market to buy some small things and go back to decorate your own home! ! !
Therefore, it is recommended to choose a modernist style, including new Hong Kong style/new Chinese style (some element symbols of Chinese style are used, but in fact it is still a modernist style)/new Japanese style/Nordic style, etc. The compatibility of this style is very good. Why should the aesthetic upgrade be simple? This is related to aesthetics, but I still don’t want to tell you what is beautiful and what is ugly. Because this is meaningless, what I’m telling you is the upgrading of our understanding behind aesthetics. Now everyone pays more and more attention to the use function/workmanship quality and future experience in addition to the beautiful and dignified accidents in decoration. This is actually a very good trend. Regarding the use of functions, let’s talk about the minimalist style that is very popular now. Many people’s understanding of the minimalist style is the combination of four whites, black, white and gray, and the furniture is extremely simple, yes! This is good-looking, and it is in line with the two judgments we mentioned above.
Therefore, it is not recommended that you choose this style. It is recommended to choose MUJI style. MUJI style is actually a kind of minimalist style, but it provides enough storage space. Minimalism comes from the powerful functions that lead to minimalism. Focus on quality: Many people will touch the feel of furniture when they buy it. This is actually very good, because beauty itself is not a visual effect, but an overall experience. Let’s briefly talk about a few styles that are very popular now. Nordic style: The Nordic style here refers to residential buildings, not the architectural style of the palace. There are two conditions for the formation of this style. 1. Local climate and geographical conditions Northern Europe is close to the North Pole, so the climate is cold, and the snow covers the land for a long time. Coupled with the rain and snow, the indoor light is insufficient, so they will make the interior look brighter and use brighter colors for accessories. And the area is rich in wood, wild animals such as reindeer, and metal, so the main materials used are wood, animal fur and metal.

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