The color is unified, and a main color should be emphasized

In the minimalist style design, the most important thing is color matching, and the visual effect of a space must have a main color to achieve an ultimate balance.

Under normal circumstances, the minimalist style space uses black, white, gray and wood as the main tone.

For example, the following design: white and wood are the main colors, and black is the embellishment color.
People who advocate minimalist lifeism have a unique preference for minimalist aesthetics in home design. Behind this extreme simplicity, there is the most authentic appearance of Youjia, and the life posture embodied in the simplicity makes people yearn for it. 2. Get rid of too many decorations, and make everything hard. If you like minimalist style, if you insist on buying European-style floor tiles, it will definitely not work. Or, it is wrong to plaster the plaster lines and complicated ceilings at home, or to buy furniture with complicated shapes. Minimalist style, everything at home must follow the advanced wisdom of “reducing complexity and seeking simplicity”, which is also its essence.
Whole house customization is the essence of minimalist style

If you like the minimalist style, it is really important to find an aesthetic whole house custom manufacturer! ! !

I don’t know if you have noticed that those beautiful minimalist houses all have minimalist custom-made cabinets as a support for their appearance. In addition to walls and floors, the design of your cabinets will directly determine the style and style of your house. At the same time, customized furniture can also achieve the ultimate space utilization, making the apartment more comfortable and reasonable.
The so-called minimalist style is an aesthetic and a way of life. It is a kind of extreme beauty, which can only be felt but cannot be expressed in words. It is also an attitude of our young people towards life and a reflection of our hearts.

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