A good lamp is responsible for the important task of adjusting the atmosphere of the house. The scattering of light and the warm and cold color temperature will create different light and shadow effects, bring different visual experiences to people, and at the same time highlight the functionality of different rooms.

Here is a systematic introduction to the selection method of lamps.

How important lighting is, let’s put it this way, just like a woman’s makeup, it definitely feels different before and after removing it!
Do the lamps you choose match the decoration style?
The ceiling height, function, style, etc. of the home will all have different emphasis on the selection of lighting fixtures, especially the decoration style.
If your home is in a Nordic style, and the elderly at home say that you need to match it with a crystal lamp, then…it will look inconsistent no matter what.

Therefore, when purchasing lamps, you must fully consider the matching of the lamps and the style of the house, and you must not just buy a lamp and hang it.

The following selection of common lamps, convenient for you to quickly recognize it!
Nordic lamps with novel and changeable shapes
Common Nordic-style chandeliers include firefly chandeliers, molecular lamps, magic bean lamps, duckbill lamps, all-copper chandeliers, and plant lamps. The shapes are more novel and simple.
The color choices of lamps are mainly black, white and gold, which are simple and elegant.
Light luxury with a little luxury and delicacy, representing the quality of life style, this style is also popular nowadays.
Light luxury style lamps are mainly made of copper, zinc alloy, gold-plated, etc. Classic lamps include simple crystal lamps, and the popular no-main lamp design is very suitable for light luxury style.
The most classic shape of American-style lamps is the cup-shaped ceiling with multiple lamp heads, which is more concise and elegant than European-style lamps, and the shape is much simpler.
In terms of material, I prefer brass elements, full of classical feelings.

European-style lamps are full of gorgeous decorations, with exquisite shapes and a good sense of lines, mainly in gold, which brings a sense of magnificence and magnificence.
European classical lamps and lanterns will also have dark paint, rust and other materials, full of simplicity and elegance.
Chinese-style lamps are often hollowed out or carved in shape, with a symmetrical layout, and the shape pursues simplicity and beauty.
Pure Chinese-style lamps are more classical in shape, and new Chinese-style lamps are more modern in material, with Chinese elements in new materials.
The colors of Chinese-style lamps are mostly red, black, yellow, etc. You can almost think at a glance: Chinese-style lamps, and the style of Chinese-style lamps is highly recognizable.
The modern minimalist style is mainly based on ceiling lamps and chandeliers. Most of them like circles, triangles, and rectangles in shape, and the design is simple and elegant.
The colors are relatively diverse, except for black and white, modern lamps like cute candy colors are very eye-catching.

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