In fact, if you master the thinking of improving the quality of life, then all this becomes very simple. First of all, if you want your quality of life to become more refined, then your thinking cannot be the same as that of most people, because it is difficult for people to understand some concepts and lifestyles if they have not reached a certain height, so you You have to break some traditional ways of thinking to think about problems. If you are bound by some traditional ways of thinking, it will be difficult for you to accept some new ways of life and life concepts. In fact, when we are decorating our home, the first step is to determine the design plan of our home, and the design plan determines the quality of life you live, so at this time, you have to find a design that can improve your quality of life. Designers help you make a design plan that can improve your quality of life. If you want the quality of life to become more refined, you must not be bound by traditional thinking.

Just like in this bedroom space, I will help the client consider how to inject a modern life concept. We transformed the original bathroom structure into a cloakroom, and added an area between the cloakroom and the sleeping area. There is a wine tasting area. You can imagine what kind of quality of life it is to have an independent cloakroom and a wine tasting area in a bedroom space… In fact, the inspiration for the transformation of this plan comes from the structure of the hotel space. The reason why many people are unable to extricate themselves from the design of the hotel and the creation of the space atmosphere is because the feeling created in these space structures is a way of life that many people yearn for now, and I think some elements of the hotel space can be cited In the family house, through a new design method, a new way of life is given to the residents of the family house. A minimalist interior designer specializing in family homes and B&B hotels.

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