Lamp24 wall lamp brass is making a comeback in many places and for good reasons. The warm, classic finish brings a timeless style to your home and works well with all kinds of styles. It also doesn’t tarnish as quickly as some other finishes and is easy to care for. So whether you’re looking for a way to accent your favorite painting or bring an antique feel to your hallway, our collection of traditional brass wall sconces will provide just the look you want.

A sconce is a decorative light fixture that’s mounted to a wall and is usually free-standing, but can be attached to the ceiling as well. Historically, they have provided general room lighting as well as a decorative touch and can be positioned on either side of a mirror. Today, they are often used as bathroom or bedroom sconces and can be electric or gas-fueled.

While the modern wall sconce has come in various forms, some of the most iconic are the brass sconces of the eighteenth century. These sconces tended to be Rococo or Neoclassical in design and were often made with a combination of metals, including brass and bronze. They were sometimes even plated in gold, which lent them an added sheen and opulence that is not often seen in today’s lights.

The brass sconces you see on the walls of palaces, mansions and stately homes are not only beautiful, but they help light rooms and give an overall impression of opulence to the space. They’re also a symbol of wealth and power. For that reason, they are often a focal point of the space and are displayed in public areas where guests will be sure to notice them.

Although a brass sconce isn’t necessarily an option for every homeowner, it’s a great way to add an element of luxury to your home. It’s important to note that installing a sconce isn’t a DIY project, and we strongly recommend hiring a professional for an efficient installation. The process is more complex than simply screwing in a fixture, and you’ll need to carefully consider how far apart the sconces should be to create a uniform effect.

Choosing a style is another crucial step in selecting a wall lamp brass. If you’re shopping for a set, make sure the fixtures are of similar design and finish to ensure they coordinate. Then, take your time browsing the options to find a pair that’s right for your space.

If you’re interested in a nontraditional sconce, consider a picture light. Havenly lead designer Heather Goerzen loves this brass and capiz fixture for its “delicate texture” and “refined, refined appearance.” It’s a style she used to illuminate the gallery wall of her client’s home office.

If you want a tech-y twist on an old-fashioned style, check out this sconce with a faceted dome shade. It pairs old-fashioned style with present-day technology thanks to the USB port installed in its base, which makes this sconce “a cool blend of modern and traditional,” says Shaffer.