furniture trends 2023 living room

Whether you’re toying with the idea of a new piece or all-in on redecorating, adding some new living room furniture is a quick and easy way to update your home. From curved sofas that lend a soft touch to your space to oversized ottomans that make a bold statement, the following furniture trends 2023 will help you add fresh new style to your living room without breaking the bank.

Personalization takes flight

From bold geometric shapes to floral motifs and playful polkadots, furniture patterns will be a popular option for 2023. These designs can instantly energize a room and help you create a cozy, intimate lounge that feels like your own. You can incorporate this trend into your design by selecting a single standout piece or incorporating pattern throughout your room. For a more understated approach, consider using patterned throws and pillows to add a hint of interest and warmth.

A shift toward rounded shapes

Curvaceous furniture is another trend that will be prevalent in 2023, offering a softer, more organic feel to your home design. This is a welcome departure from the straight lines and sharp angles that were so popular in recent years. From curved sofas and armchairs to rounded coffee tables and ottomans, this style can bring a fresh, modern touch to your living room.

As the green movement continues to gain momentum, homeowners will continue to prioritize sustainable design and biophilic elements in their homes. Look for furniture with built-in storage and unique materials that bring the outdoors inside. For example, you may see reclaimed wood accents or natural stone finishes on a coffee table or sideboard.

Brown tones will also be a popular color for living rooms in 2023. From rich chocolate to dusty sage, this hue can add warmth and depth to your space. The earthy tones are a great way to ground your design and complement other neutral hues in your home, says interior designer Claire Druga. If you’re not sure how to incorporate this shade into your living room, start small by incorporating accent pieces like throws and candles.

Soft fractal patterns

Last fall, soft fractal and geometric patterns that looked as if they were drawn by hand started to appear on rugs, wall coverings, and art. At the latest market, these botanical and curvilinear motifs took center stage alongside floral and other nature-inspired motifs. Look for curvilinear shapes, kaleidoscopic effects, and symmetrical shapes on furniture like this Reveal sofa from Arteriors.

Lastly, we will continue to see a move away from rattan and fast furniture. These types of designs are less practical for day-to-day living and will be replaced by more multipurpose options that support family gatherings and entertaining.

Are you ready to give one of these living room trends a try? Schedule a free interior design consultation to find out which trends best suit your taste and style! Our expert designers can help you transform your living room with the latest styles.